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2020 Academic year

Please note that the 2020 academic year continues. Where any due dates have changed they are indicated in the programme links below. The notice sent to all students in the light of the president's declaration of a State of Disaster can be found here. The 2020 Graduation Ceremony scheduled for May has been cancelled. National information regarding the pandemic can be accessed here.

Programme assessment changes

In the light of the need to reduce interactions with other people and to maintain social distancing the 2020 assessments have been reviewed and, where necessary, adjusted in the light of this requirement. Programme specific information is given in the links to student letter below:

    Theology programmes

  1. Bachelor of Theology
  2. Diploma in Theology
  3. Higher Certificate in Theology

    Christian ministry programmes

  1. Higher Certificate in Christian Leadership and Management
  2. Higher Certificate in Christian Proclamation
  3. Higher Certificate in Christian Worship
  4. Higher Certificate in Pastoral Care

Assignment template

An updated Assignment document that can be used as a template is available here (docx format). It also includes instructions for assembling and then submitting your assignment by email.

College functions

College staff continue to operate remotely in line with the current disaster regulations. Do note that the College will observe its advertised Easter closure when staff will not be available. Email communications sent to admin@teec.co.za and finance@teec.co.za will be responded to in due course.