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New Students

If you planning to study with TEE College please note that we provide a variety of programmes, some of which are registered and accredited and others are underwritten by our supporting churches.

If your studies are part of formal preparation for ministry in your church then it is important that you discuss your study path with your churches training authorities.

  • Registration Process

    This document describes the process of registering with the College and receiving your study materials.

  • The 2019 academic year

    Dates and information for 2019.

  • General College Information

    This document provides general information about the College, including assignment submission options.

  • Rules and Regulations

    Do familiarise yourself with the Rules, Regulations & Policies of the College. These help in resolving issues or difficulties quickly.

  • RPL / Entrance requirements

    This document describes and includes an application form for the Recognition of Prior Learning or the Transfer of Credits, including the Access Assessment.

Access Assessment

This assessment is designed for people who lack the secondary schooling certification normally required as part of a registered programme's entrance requirements, as well as for those who have not done much by way of formal study since completing their secondary schooling.

Students who have the necessary secondary schooling certification but but have not been involved in higher education can either use the Access Assessment as an evaluation tool to test appropriateness of intended study paths or alternatively can register for the Higher Certificate in Theology – which is a shorter, attainable qualification which has clear progression paths to other programmes.

Access Assessment

Online Registration

Only current students who are busy on a study programme may use their online account to register (from 01 November).

Either deposit your fees (and fax/email the proof of payment) or use the credit card authorization form once you've submitted your online aplication.

Courses with Catholic content

The Higher Certificate in Theology programme offers courses with a denominational focus. See this document for information regarding courses with a specifically Catholic focus.

General Information

Do note that programmes have different closing dates - late registrations are not accepted.

Faxed documents are problematic - we might not receive them or they might not be legible even though you have a transmission confirmation. Always follow-up after three working days to confirm if your faxed documents have been processed.

Register Early

You miss the last minute rush and get your materials sent to you early. Even if you are still waiting for your results you can register for next courses early and register the 'extras' later.

Results Letters

Current students, do check your result letters for any eligible "repeat components". If you have not completed a course but have passed at least half it's work, then there is the option to 'carry' results forward to the next year only. See the yearbook for details.

Academic Records

These can be requested from the College (in writing) and cost R50. Current students who have received a pre-printed registration form will have a summary of course work completed / credits obtained. Current stduents who log into their online account will see a summary of courses/credits attempted.

Preprinted Application Forms

Current Students will recieve pre-printed application forms for the next academic year. Please update incorrect information. You can also use the Online Registration process.

Outstanding Fees

A reminder that students with outstanding accounts will not recieve their end-of-year results nor will they be issued with Academic Records. Those who have defualted on their installment payments will not be offered Option C (installments) again.

Submitting your application

A stress-free registration is one that started early. Don't leave it to the last minute. Don't courier documents to us -- provided you post before the closing date we will still register you after the closing date IF the date-stamps for your deposit and posting were before the closing date.

Tracking your registration

If you have provided us with an e-mail address or cell phone number then we will attempt to send your tracking number to you when your materials are dispatched. Alternatively phone the College and request your tracking number - please have a pen and paper ready!

Current Programmes

NOTE: Our programmes are grouped by focus area - whether formal theological study or equipping for particular ministry areas. Programmes are grouped below as the Theology or Christian Ministry streams. Please use the appropriate application form for the programme and courses you select.

Theology Programmes

Theology Programmes NQF Level Credits
  Bachelor of Theology
7 364
  Diploma in Theology
6 360
  Higher Certificate in Theology
5 120

Bachelor of Theology

Diploma in Theology

Higher Certificate in Theology

Christian Ministry Programmes

Christian Ministry Programmes NQF Level Credits
  Higher Certificate in Christian Leadership & Management
5 120
  Higher Certificate in Pastoral Care
5 120
  Higher Certificate in Christian Proclamation
5 120
  Higher Certificate in Christian Worship
5 120
NOTE: All these Higher Certificates are described in a common Yearbook, have the same fees and use the same registration form. Each programme links to the same set of documents.

Higher Certificate in Christian Leadership & Management

Higher Certificate in Pastoral Care

Higher Certificate in Christian Proclamation

Higher Certificate in Christian Worship

Programmes in phase-out

Programme NQF Level Credits
  Certificate of Competence in Theology *
- -
No new students (phase-out) * Not registered on the NQF
NOTE: Phase-out of the short-course programmes began in 2016. Only students currently registered on these programmes may continue to register for courses on these programmes. New students must select from other available programmes or attempt the Access Assessment described above (if they do not hold a National Senior Certificate, or equivalent).

Diploma in Theology and Ministry

    This programme is no longer offered.

Certificate of Competence in Theology

Award in Theology

    This programme is no longer offered.


The College PAIA Manual can be accessed here.