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TEE College provides a range of payment options for the payment of study fees. Please remember that confirmation of payment does need to be submitted with your application form for you to be registered. Applicants need to pay for each course being registered, as well as any additional fees (such as application fee or courier charge). You will either pay the discounted amounts (when you pay fees in full at registration) or the deposit amount (when using the installment option).

Programme Yearbooks provide the relevant fee tables and can be downloaded from the website - note that fees differ per programme and also according to the type of course registration (Full, Repeat or Component).

Discounted Fees

The College offers a discount on fees when they are paid in full at registration - this applies per course. Fees paid before 31 December receive the larger discount and are shown as Option A in the fee tables. Fees paid in full up to the close of the registration period have a lesser discount and are shown as Option B in the fee tables.

Prior debt

Note that any payments made are first used to settle outstanding debt - this is explained in the College Rules and Regulations. Students who did not settle their accounts as agreed can only register for courses using Option A or Option B (no instalment options are available to them).

Installment options

It is possible to pay for up to three courses using Option C. This requires that the minimum payment for the course deposits be paid at registration. Students using this option will pay the full course price (no discount). A Debit Order Authorisation Form must be completed in order to settle the related instalments. Include the completed and signed authorisation form with your application.


Payment Options

Bank deposits / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Funds can be deposited to the College bank account by completing a Bank Deposit slip at any Standard Bank branch in South Africa - use the account details shown here. If you have access to Internet or Mobile banking you can set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) / Beneficiary using the same account details.

Bank details


Use any moblie payment app or digital wallet that supports SnapScan / Zapper to scan the QR code shown here and initiate a mobile payment.

If mobile payments are new to you then this information will help explain the process, and answer a few basic questions. If you need a brief overview on how to set up the SnapScan app on a personal device then see this information.

After scanning the QR code you will be prompted for the payment amount and for a reference. Use your ID number or student number as the reference - ensure that the same reference number is used on your application form so that we can match the payment.

SnapSCan QR code

In Person payments

Students who wish to make payments in person at the College can do so on College business days between 9am and 3pm. Payments can be made by Credit Card and Debit card. The person making the payment will need to be the person to whom the card was issued and the transaction will require them to use their card PIN.

Please note that from the 2020 academic year the College operates a cash-less environment - this means that we do not receive cash payments. Anyone attempting to make a cash payment at the College will be directed to a local bank branch / ATM to make the deposit there. Travel to and from the local bank branch / ATM is the payees responsibility.