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 A registered Private Higher Education Institution (2008/HE08/002), & Non-Profit Company(2007/030481/08).

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College Hours

The College is open to callers and visitors between the hours of 09h00 and 15h00 - Monday to Friday.

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Email  admin@tee.co.za
Postal Address  P O Box 74257
South Africa
Physical Address  20 Gantner Street
Haddon 2190
South Africa
Telephone Numbers  +27 11 683 3284
+27 11 683 3285
+27 11 683 3286
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Fax  +27 11 683-3522
Fax2Email  086 574-9998
Bank Details:  Standard Bank
Branch: Southdale
Branch code: 00-64-05
Account Number: 201075814

About TEEC


TEE College is a distance-learning institution with a current enrollment of 2500+ students across 5 Southern African countries.

Started in 1976 and based in Johannesburg, it provides theological training for students preparing for ordination and ministry.

Being an Extension College, our various churches support the work of the College, and provide local support in the different regions of Southern Africa. The current seven churches are:

  • The Anglican Church of Southern Africa
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
  • The Methodist Church of Southern Africa
  • The Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa
  • The Salvation Army in Southern Africa

Our students come from 28 denominations across Southern Africa.

Programmes we offer

Information for specific programmes can be found here

  • Higher Certificate in Theology
  • Diploma in Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology
    Christian Ministry
  • Higher Certificate in Christian Leadership & Management
  • Higher Certificate in Christian Proclamation
  • Higher Certificate in Christian Worship
    Programmes in phase-out
  • Award in Theology
  • Certificate of Competence in Theology
  • Diploma in Theology and Ministry

Courses with Catholic content

The Higher Certificate in Theology programme offers courses with a denominational focus. See this document for information regarding courses with a specifically Catholic focus.